Working towards a new church at Lobamba

Working towards a new churchThe parish and all the outstations of St Mary’s (Lobamba) gathered on Sunday 14 April to celebrate the gift of faith and their commitment towards building a bigger church.

The present church is not small but it is already full and being a pre-fabricated structure they felt it is time to build a bigger and permanent structure.

It was a joyful celebration at the end of which people pledged money, cement and… amahewu as their personal and familiar commitment.

The Gospel gave all the opportunity to remember that:

  • our community resembles the community of the apostles: some “run” and others “go slowly”; some are strong in faith while others doubt; some are actively present every Sunday while other “faithfully arrived twice a year”…
  • we need to listen to God’s Word if we do not want to work all day, all night and… get nothing. It is His Word on which we will build the Church;
  • our building a new church is a sign of our commitment to keep on building God’s Church at Lobamba. We should never think, “it is enough”. There are many people looking forward to a word of hope, of good news.

At the end of the Mass, the plot where the church will be build, was blessed and all enjoyed some entertainment time led by the “Heavenly Voices” from Mbabane.

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